Pretty Vaycunt

the artist twombly jizzing on greek myth in the modern section of the philly museum(not that the greeks don’t deserve it given the plethora of corporate fast food pizza joints in america masquerading as mom and pop “greek” restaurants, fucking whores the lot of them [oh yeah they made a fucking movie about that too which was so fucking cute for the american woke masses, trivializing a culture{and yet somehow it was “OK” self righteous cocksuckers [can we say hypocrisy? fuckers], before you know it Godzilla will be banned for being to “supreme?” who knows as I have stopped being surprised at the inanity]]), whilst idiot masses climb to the top of the staircase attempting to recreate a fictional movie scene AS IF IT WERE FUCKING REALITY. Therein I realized was the problem with perception in our current time.  The belief that fictional narratives ARE REAL!!! wow and someone asked me on another site “no anger this time?”  well if you like listening to the constant whiny drivel of the new order, then I guess you’ll never be angry.  As a matter of fact you probably love having your country raped by people who have no business being there.  YOU MUST LOVE IT.  Where’s your fucking pride already.  Tell you what pussy, when they steal your fucking lunch and you find YOU in prison, don’t come whining to me. The stakes are high and these little cuntian twattish hobbies (so fucking petit bourgeois don’t you think you marxist fuckers?) we get to enjoy like FILM photography will be trampled by those same ignorant masses buddy boy. You watch. Kiss your fucking Leica goodbye while you march for another banal cause. You’ll see, and I am no prophet either as it has already occurred in human history and will occur again.  Let’s hope of the few film factories remaining at least ONE FUCKING film factory survives the coming Ragnarok of fucking destruction headed to your lovely shores led by the new infidels of idiocracy. Your prison will be a new gulag where you get to lick your own balls in servitude to the new idiot snowflake overlord.  All Hail the King… And I’m not talking Denmark.  ANGRY ENOUGH FOR YOU JAY?  If not now, WHEN? HMMM MONTAG??? HMMM???  Are you corrected Winston???

tourist bus jack-offs and ignoramuses
The empty plaza where the real action was. Note it’s vast void. No one cared to view the site except my wonderful offspring

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  1. Twombly…hmmm, probably nothing more than a load of bollocks. Another one of the “make it big and they will come” school of daubers. A waste of gallery space, mostly. But the drones like it because…well, the other drones like it and drones must never step out of line otherwise the entire nest is fucked. Don’t be the one to step of the path and fall off the edge of the world. The Zorki has it’s own voodoo, mine is a beauty to hold and play with, so I play with it. One day I’ll give it a roll of Tasma to eat. A Soviet camera with Soviet film, there’s gotta be some magic there. The other pictures here are bloody gorgeous. Now I must away and finish my essay about Alvin Langdon Coburn and J.M. Whistler. I know, I know.


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