Clio, Euterpe, Thalia, Melpomeni, Terpsichore, Erato, Polymnia, Ourania and Calliope… I hate modern greeks

Anyone can put on a mask and take pictures of their cock and their pussycat and their vegetables, and yet still miss the forest for the trees.  (Yes you know who you are. There is more to the universe than the surface.  You’ve missed it all.  The difference between the literal and the story.  Crawl back into your cellar with a cocktail and DON’T enamor us with your dick pics and horrid cartoons(it’s worse than a bad dating site).  The muses do not entertain you.  Put the dishes in the fucking dishwasher and resign yourself to mediocrity [nobody cares.  I’d rather Oscar Wilde’s dorian gray than your smug horrid shots.  You raise no one to a higher level.  Don’t leave me smug comments about your world.]   Funny thing is no one cares about your cock except you.  Spare us. Christ I’ll take a tits and ass shot any day over your fumbling with a camera.  GO drink yourself into a hole already. )  Now… I’m sure I’ve lost the rest of you as that bit of diatribe was directed at one little cocksucker in particular.   This roll was made by the universe NOT ME.  I shot it on a now known fucked up zorki with bad shutters, and yet I love it.  I take NO credit for this.  A pure “accident”, but really the muses, goddesses of sight shot this, ghosts fleeting at every turn.  A complete fuck up of a roll.  The pictures of the person developing said roll are just that pictures of the said person developing the roll.  I take NO credit for this.  I submit completely to the goddesses of the arts.  Thank you ladies for shining your beautiful light and ghosts on me, this is your roll.


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