A Cooler and A Couple of Bikes

By The Growhouse

On a lovely afternoon or perhaps a morning by the grow-house. A couple of bikes and a cooler outside a camper doorway. The cooler a world of possibilities in it’s lid propped open, as if Pandora was enticing. Not so much that the ills of the universe had escaped, but the possibilities the crack presents.

What secrets lie locked in the other smaller cooler? Forgotten memories? A meme? An organ, or a finger?

A Kiev-6S and some Shanghai film. These friends work in harmony to produce the slice. The slice of a moment.

There are endless memories tied to this photo, like a waist deep wading in a river of remembrance, sans Lethe, the mind is above the water purposefully.

We can get lost in such waters. I fear those horrible depths.


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