This Will Hurt John

You think you get recompense for living? Breathing?


This will hurt. All of it. You will cry. You will laugh. You will wish you never lived. You will thank the universe for living.

You’ll beg God in your darkest hours, forget God in your best.

You are a sacrilege and a blessing. A profanity and a sacred text.

I looked out that window as I laid on that bed and cried.

Just remember to hate as much as you love. That all feeling and conditions flow in two ways. What you get is what you get back. The universe is what you expect it to be.

Just remember to fuck off asshole. Remember to forget.

ricoh upside down

Because forgetting sets you free… but you have to remember that

and fuck your sensibilities and sensitivities… prattle and pretty pander of vanity.

the neighborhood through the sky

He kicked the traders out of the temple and you should too! You’ll always be an asshole. So try to not be one now that you know you are.


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