Smithy Fowler Humbled

And when flowers bloom
Roots dig deep, strain room
My beloved son came to this place to teach me love

I have met none a soul as pure
lights of joy, transports of ecstasy, beauty enthusiastic exploration assured
When souls in verdant sylvan parks dance on the eternal
He is there as well
Long before my eyes were set on the goal of receiving him

Symphonies of songs and string quartets and simple pieces plucked
--- from strings of piano, or chord
Set me heart ablaze in a vast unbridled hail of thunder!
--- across the vast nothingness to this
--- beautiful orb my goddess sent me thus

But now he has come to alight a beatitude upon my fair heavy shoulders, sombre
with sadness and pain interlaced with puissance, purpose and memory

To have, to behold, to love a bright singular effulgent son of beauty
Foudroyant! Decisive! Declarative IN exploration
He is what I yearn Elysian Fields! To yearn no longer in it's flowered
tasseled gently swaying and tugging hugging fronds
My family shall join us
Persephone hear my entreaty!!
Convince your lord release his claim to our coils
Give us our memories back
Like children we can all play there
Fragrant oils and tender kisses float in air
Games of jovial luck, none besmirched or beholden
Warm countenances greet us in tumultuous embrace
and tender stroke our hair again in fair
luscious loves

Help me goddess katatonia, you are my only hope dearest


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