The New State Conditions

Pop and Mum

It conditions adherence and unquestioning obedience if for none other than the goal of saving lives. A noble cause indeed. The new state conditions all of us, AND the new state conditions are another step closer to absolutism.

It conditions the animal to perform acts of self imprisonment, without the need for a food button. Agitprop? Yes. Food button? No. Our buttons are so much more easily defined. Breath, life, peace, security.

The experiment is completed and we know the results. An almost 100% success rate in unquestioning belief. The medical industrial complex has proven it’s power holds sway over a global population which is increasingly an inverted pyramid. It is the ultimate distraction, even better than political breads and circuses. More tangible than bad reality TV.

What will we leave for the young ones? Probably chaos and feudalism. This HAS happened before and it will continue as ever, the cycles.

All lessons are lost always. Deny it.


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