And Yet It Seems

Providence 2019

Working with an Olympus PEN my friend Simon sent me. The shutter seemed a bit stuck for this photo. Slower than expected. And yet…

It seems to have created this faraway look like Metropolis as Simon had mentioned to me.

The film was long expired in the 1980’s. But it is my favorite film for many reasons. I was able to obtain 4000 feet of the KN version.

What does all this mean Fowler? Nothing really perhaps except in a footnote sort of way, in which case I’ll resize the font. But then that will happen after I type this sentence, and so IF there is another reader besides myself, it may come as a bit backwards.

That is my point. The time passing is the illusion as if one could live with this body in more than four dimensions. But we do. Maybe my reader will be me in another time, sledding through pages yet to come and have already.

Like a cage placed atop an incessant flexing animal. 
Like refinery and societies and dances and norms.
Aggregates like multiple poles on a spectrum,
As if a forest getting thin and thick in various places.

A horrible desperation grips me. It’s purpose bright and filled with hope.


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