There you are under infinity, the work extending in front of you. the ancient texts graffiti on the ramparts.

It is written in the many texts of the wisdom of man, the conditions we face. I face. You face. Joy. Sorrow. Transcendence. Capture. Water and Tar.

Universally in the ancient texts are exhortations to work. The simple. Ideas regarding how you measure others is how you are measured. Sometimes I don’t like how that feels. Other times it feels grand because some burden is lifted through simple repetitive actions with some novel variance. Sometimes I am tired of it’s sameness, a friend once confessed he could feel his clock slowing, unwinding. Other times it is with renewed energy – usually when I stop feeling sorry for myself on why life can sometimes blow really hard.

Whatever we struggle with or demons we face, no matter how unique, those struggles will always remain and never go away.

The work is endless until you die.

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