Clean Your Own Diaper Bitch

Ridiculous strands of molecules. Fuckers striding on a mote. A gravity well. A singularity. And you would suppose to judge me? Fucking speck, or the regurgitated flecks of your seedy God. Billions of years after your dissolution, the random accretion of atoms will define your existence, and your shitfull mouths of infinitely small vibrations of air, fucking stupid bacteria. Minutiae? Less than that as a shit stain on the arse side of underwear. You are indeed God’s shit stain. Fucking skid mark. Get over yourself. As a forensic scrapes the uterine wall for clues, as your god of enlightenment, you only wallow in a drudgery of purposelessness.

Are you sufficiently denied thrice? Do you require more denial to be?

You are nothing

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