Predators All!

Our chimpanzee cousins will hunt and eat smaller monkeys, red colobus. We are predators, and they are too! As they are our cousins, as are spiders, tigers, sharks. Ripping faces off with shark bites. Suffocating prey with lion jaws. You must know as I do, that we are predators. We will make all other species succumb to our avarice. We are encoded in the deoxyribonucleic acid strands to do such things. What? God? Faith? Fuck off, call it what you will, you’re still a fucking predator animal shoving the prey in your mouth.

Look at this boy, smashing the ball!! Conquest!

Pure thrust. Ego trance.

These are binary principals, as we program and build societies and maths, cultures. Do you get what I mean? You must understand how the sexes are aligned in binary formations, so you must understand the acidic males to the basic females? You can’t be arrogant enough to think this is some accident? Have you smelled a male sweat? How about a females sweat? C’mon! This is a no brainer!


What happens when the two combine?

The smell of sex.

The trinary and we haven’t even begun to explore multiple plateaus of ‘on’ and ‘off.’ Can we get over our binary obsessions? Fucking Christ!

We eat. We must eat. It is horror. It must be done.

Pick a day, my daughters will kick your ass any day you choose.

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  1. Perfume and sex? It’s an entire industry.
    Never trust a vegetarian. Vegans even less.
    Unless they have removed their incisors and canines, leaving only molars with which to grind grain and their grudges.
    A vegetarian with carnivore teeth is an oxymoron
    A vegetarian/vegan produces more greenhouse gas than a chimpanzee, or me. Bastards.
    I get over any incipient horror of eating meat by simply ignoring the method by which it arrived at the supermarket. Heartless bastard me.
    Chimpanzees not only eat meat but engage in internecine conflict. Fuckers.
    I notice that the vegetarians never mention the murder and mayhem perpetrated by sharks. Or chimps. Or dogs, cats, lions, bears, spiders, ants or the praying mantis. Fuckers.
    We are only cousins with other humans, the rest of the animal kingdom are merely entertainers and food from a different bag of genomes.
    I pray indulgence from your no doubt lovely daughters and hope that my ass (I prefer the anglo-saxon ‘arse’ unless you are referring my beast of burden) is safe from the merciless corrective measures, to be applied via heavy industrial footwear – no doubt festooned with sharp pointy bits – to my frail and wizened person by the aforementioned ladies.
    You’ve got to laugh.
    Nice picture.

    1. exquisite response. I had pondered the cadre of vegans and thought that life was an ocean of savage death as my friend Bill demonstrated in a blog regarding how life is a sea of death as we raise our heads in a sunshine of a beautiful days consuming the millions and millions of other lives to exist and smile. Life is a horrible fucking, eat or be eaten. If there were a creator to imagine, it is certainly a motherfucker of death and consumption. DEATH = LIFE. Shall we find our redemption in such machines of deity?

      I do believe my daughters would inflict a serious injury to your nut sack… lol Nevermind my son, but alas those are images of comedy. Divine comedy sans dante, which ritornelle, and yet becomes beatrice, salvation, a light a redemption, your dressed lady leading from purgatory to divine. thanks M


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