The Story to Add Onto The Story… after the poem

I knew something was up when I perchance came across an email not intended for me from a cs (or was it? ) 18 months prior, and yet I could not delete such message as it seemed rather unusual. (For the unusual in the universe is where you will find the true meanings. Yes brethren there are meanings!!)

Do not doubt for an instant the seemingly incoherent and lost, for that is where you will find you!!

Then to stumble upon such ks in blinding light with luggage of ‘a priori’ setting. And then to stumble upon cs again after the ks? Oh my what is to be done? as L might ponder?( the sounds girl new and old and older)

As casting swine in front of pearl. An equality, a measurement of the thrust, a countenance. Oh my! What proof must we demand!!

fool am I

every moment a meaning, a purpose

as this is undefined , such are you undefined-
where this is defined, you will define


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