Poles of Inaccessibility

Three to five schizophrenic poles of inaccessibility on large plateaus

The Con

Michel Legrand’s “Ice Station Zebra” soundtrack mixes duodecaphonic compositional elements with more traditional tonal expressions which will be sure to tantalize and make you, pique.

Raise a pint!!

I’m not a fan so much of the film, but the music for the soundtrack as intense and as challenging as any work from Berio (Formazioni, it’s flow like a crystalline river of purity empathy) or Shostakovich (Symphony 14 with it’s slices of death beauty.)

In your beautiful infinity, you are dead and alive at once. Catherine has given signposts along the way. mythologies continue and are continually created. Cathy, Catharsis, Catherine. Poles of Inaccessibilities and plateaus of intricate absurd delicate sublime schizophrenias. Intensities. Varese knew. (and ameriques) You do too! Stop pretending you don’t! Fucking own it.

My friend Cory moves the revolution about our local star once again, as we continually do. There is the moment, the ray of destiny speaking now in this time as the times from ages ago and preternaturally.

Hug me. Embrace me. You, and all my love, embrace me now, push aside your ego. And no one in events less fortuitous. Kind loving embraces, as matriculated decisions on preponderances of sad arrogant youth, flush with cock and purpose. I destroyed such things in the very near future and long ago. Strap-on. My past now your present, my future your past Deborah. Your future my present, their past now unfolded. Help me Dr. K. (franz k. as signifier or someone else? There are no indications of such ambivalence. Dirty in it’s filthy grubbing fingers and pussy.) Piss.

Fill me up

Cuttlefish ink on fear.

Poe I know. I really do.


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