Today, a bracelet fell off my wrist. A stainless steel linked bracelet. For some reasons yet to be determined, a pin magically came lose. Or it presented as magical the way the trees move and you know there is wind but you can’t see it. Nonetheless it just fell off my wrist when I sat down.

What a peculiar feeling to see it slough off. In this way I felt the universe was speaking to me. In our lives there is good and bad. I just had to let go of fear. Releasing the grip, the chains that bind us in servitude. Like a plate of food as my good friend Bill quoted from the Doctor.

Is there a difference between the “strong force” of particle physics with it’s agents of gluons etc and the hand of god? A trifle semantic. There IS a force, call it what you will– arguing over WHAT to call it has been the greatest folly of humanity. Get over ourselves already. We’re nothing special and we are very special all at once.

SO I want to remind you look up and look down and that there is good news. There is hope, even if it is a very dark cloud, there it is.


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