The Longest Day

At the old fort, the longest day stood looking out across the river to watch the town burn. Sometimes the longest day ends very quietly. At other times it ends in overwhelming noise. The force of the destroyer moves as freely as the creator. Rockets and bombs and quiet hushed final breaths. When ghosts are left in the wake, also there are echos in the beforehand. Before the fort, just a hill high overlooking the river covered by trees. So it must be that the place of the longest day shook and shuddered long before the foot of man set on it’s face. Shock waves flared out in unseen boughs where no eye is found.

So the longest day in 1781 saw that town go down to the ground. The longest day watched the foot of man mash and drench the sanguine earth. Fires ablaze , the longest day retired.

Cannon works hold silent vigil. The longest day is found in parts distant, for the longest day never really ends. The longest day humbly began as a faint murmur. Accreted and coalesced into pulsing light. The longest day still burns intensely and bright.

It is only you who spins away from it.

I feel restless like the longest day. It has an anxiety that will not cease. Fire in my chest like the fire that fell on the town. Burns me, hurts me.


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