Just Like Last Time

The fallen. The remembered. But who are the hero’s? Isn’t it all the ones who get up everyday and make the world work. It isn’t the destroyers or iconoclasts. It is easy to tear down something you never had a hand in making, never had a hand in it’s pride of existing. I’m not talking about ridiculous statues either. Whether families or buildings, roads, houses, sewer lines, electric and communication lines, bakeries, restaurants, grocery stores. What about hero’s in meat packing plants? Farm workers? Produce harvesters and fruit pickers? Are they any less hero’s? WTF

Is it because they don’t brandish guns? Knives? Instruments of death and torture? If I am visiting from a culture outside of this planet, the only things I see hailed wonderful are the purveyors of death, mayhem and mutilation. These are hero’s? And for what? Property? Power? Laziness?

Aught a culture be so much more than it’s destroyers?

There are always more questions than answers. Slogans are for suckers, hucksters and hustlers. Now go sign your contract.


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